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Let & # 39; s face, you & # 39; You ll always want to look your best photo frames that possible. It & # 39; therefore, if you buy frames to take all necessary – displays your photos the way you want – including photo frame hardware.

displayed on tables or dressers need

easel frames is restored. Finished frames also sold an easel back stand that displays your photos using either vertically or horizontally. But without buying inexpensive frames to display backplanes complicate the picture frames, how you want. You & # 39; ll need to buy or create a back plate to hold the image in place, or to display an easel.

Build easels frequent finished frames, but if a frame does not have one, you can buy separate easels sold made of wood or metal. You can find a table top or floor standing easels. Home, table easels frequent, while standing lamps are usually used to display professional photographers images.

If you plan to take the picture frame wall, check in advance that the frame is made for such purpose. Some frames are limited to desktop display, so you & # 39; ll you can not pick the frame hanging hardware. For example, the frames that are often not designed to lacquered wood and velvet to hang on the wall.

frames, picture frame that comes with built-in hardware is usually a kind of ring-shaped or triangular loop that goes around the nail in the wall. There are easy to use and the picture hanging in an instant.

However, some hanging wall frames are not hardware. It may be necessary to install itself, or a frame can do for you retailer. There are two kinds of picture frame hardware, you can add yourself

  1. sawtooth hangers – their serrated edges are adhering to the nails in the wall
  2. Eye hooks, which use wire strung through them to keep the frame the wall

these two types of hardware on the frame sawtooth hangers much easier and faster to install. It is only necessary to frame two small nails. The sawtooth hangers come in different sizes, different-sized frames. Other types of nails can damage the frames so you can use the small frame nails that come with hangers. Eye hook a little bit more difficult to install than you need two screws and thread a wire through them.

Before buying a picture frame, always find out what kind of picture frame includes hardware that saves time and energy displays, while the picture.

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